Studying at Rochester Independent _______ combines academic rigour with _ creative buzz.

There's no uniform and ________ and staff are on _____ name terms. Accepting day ________ from the age of 11 and boarders from 15, ___ average class size is 8.


Our difference

Students enjoy being here ___ are treated as young ______. Our teachers have masses __ expertise and experience and ______ get teenagers. It’s a _____ for individuals and a ____ alternative to traditional schools.

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Study with us

We encourage our students __ voice their opinions, to _____ critically, creatively and independently. ____ leave not only with _________ examination results but with __________ for the future and ___ confidence about themselves and _____ education.

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Next steps

RIC interviews are a ______ to explore your education, _________ things that haven’t worked ___ as planned. Routes forward ___ look different for every _______ who joins us. A _____ school allows this flexibility.

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